"The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time." ~ Unknown

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Terms & Conditions

By booking your advertisement space, you automatically agree to the following terms & conditions:

Payment is due strictly by the 25th of every month BEFORE the new edition. Late payments will result in the advertisement being cancelled as well as legal action. In the event the Publisher is obligated to take legal action against the Advertiser. The Advertiser will be liable for the Publishers legal expenses. In the event a dispute arises both parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.

In case of late payment, any special rates will be forfeited and the advertiser will be responsible for full payment at the normal rates.

The Advertiser must supply all necessary logos, documents, photos and any other information to the Publisher by the 20th of every month BEFORE the new edition in order to complete the advertisement. Failure to do so will result in the Advertiser being liable for FULL PAYMENT of the ordered advertisement even if the ad is not published.

In the event the Advertiser cancels the order after the deadline the Advertiser will be liable for full payment of the original ad cost.

Prices include designing of the ad as well as logo design should the advertiser not have a logo. In the event the Advertiser applies the logo designed by Home Zone Guide in another publication a once off fee of R500 is payable.

Home Zone Guide will supply the ad to the Advertiser for approval before printing and make changes if necessary as per Advertisers request. 

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